Presentation Format

  • Speakers must adhere strictly to the scheduled timesaccording to the program.
  • Only computer projectionwill be available and it will not be possible to use personal laptops.
  • Speakers are kindly requested to use PowerPointMS Office (Windows).

The uploading of DVD movies is NOT supported.

  • We recommend using “.gif” and “.jpg” formats for images.
  • MPEG2 is the preferred video format for embedded movies, but *.avi, *.wmv video formats are also accepted.
  • Use large fonts(the minimum font size should be 18 points). If you cannot fit all your subjects on a slide without moving to a smaller font, break the points up onto separate slides.
  • Your presentation should contain only standard fonts. The use of Times Roman, Arial, Verdana is advised. Some other fonts may not transfer properly from your computer to the system used for presentation.
  • Limit each slide to one main idea with three to six points. If more than six points (bullets) are included in one slide, your audience will have difficulties to read it.
  • The use of USB pens or memory sticks is advisable to upload presentations easily at the Speaker Preview Centre.
  • Enclosure of a disclaimer at the bottom of the ending slide

Presentation Delivery

  • Electronic material for presentations is uploaded directly at the congress venue, at the Speaker Preview Centreon the following schedule:
  • Thursday 26 April– from 12.00 to 18.00
  • Friday 27 April– from 08.00 to 18.00
  • Saturday 28 April – from 08.00 to 12.00

If you are unable to submit your presentation to the Support Center one day before your presentation time, please send / attach it on the form below!

  • Technical assistance will be providedand material can be edited and updated at working stations on-site. Certificates for oral presentations are delivered on site once the presentation upload has been performed.
  • If you are giving more than one lecture during the Congress, you may upload all your presentations at the same timeand they will be sent to the corresponding session and hall at the time of your session.


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